personalized superhero place mats

Our customizable personalized superhero place mats are a big hit with toddlers and little boys.

Choose from a red, blue or gray background and then customize the design to look like your little one. There are four skin tones to choose from, four hairstyles, seven hair colors, two eye shapes, and five eye colors. You can even choose a smiling or laughing expression.

The backside features personalized handwriting practice including the child’s name and all of the letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase.

personalized plates for kids in two sizes

Did you know that all of our personalized plates are available in two sizes? The 10″ diameter is a standard size that works well for kids of any age or adults. The 8″ diameter is perfect for snacks or for younger children at mealtime.

We have a few 8″ plates in our house that I always use for snacks – they’re the perfect size for something like a sliced apple with a spoonful of almond butter.

cute llama gift ideas

Now that we’re offering cute llama designs on several of our products (including mealtime items and tote bags), I decided to take a look around for some other cute llama/alpaca gift ideas. Here’s what I came up with…

  1. Llama Nursery Print, kiwiNberries
  2. Stuffed Llama, FriendsOfSocktopus
  3. Llama Art Print, KTsCanvases
  4. Personalized Llama Plate, Sarah & Abraham
  5. Rose Llama iPhone Case, LovelyCasesDesign
  6. Llama Art Print, KTsCanvases
  7. Llama Enamel Pin, TigerFeetCreations