Non-Disney Princess Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a non-Disney princess gift for a little girl, or if you’re throwing a princess-themed birthday party but trying to avoid Disney princesses, here are a few really cute ideas…

  1. Personalized Princess Place Mat, Sarah & Abraham
  2. Mix and Match Princess Tattoos, Paper Source
  3. Princess Personalized Book, Pottery Barn Kids
  4. Personalized Princess Plate, Sarah & Abraham
  5. Annie Doll, Pottery Barn Kids
  6. Princess Paper Doll Kit, Paper Source


Superhero Girl Gift Ideas

Superhero-themed gifts aren’t only for boys! Girl superhero items have been almost as popular as the boy items at Sarah & Abraham, so this morning I took a look around to see what else I could find for super girls. If you’re invited to a superhero-themed birthday party for a little girl, I think that any of these would be a big hit!

  1. Personalized Superhero Girl Plate, Sarah & Abraham
  2. Turquoise Pink Sparkle Cape, Etsy
  3. Personalized Superhero Girl Puzzle, Sarah & Abraham
  4. Personalized super girl t shirt, Etsy
  5. Superhero girl doll, Etsy

Superhero Boy Gift Ideas

Superhero-themed gifts have always been popular at Sarah & Abraham, so I decided to take a little look around the web this morning to see what other cute superhero goodies I could find for boys. Here’s a roundup of my favorite super hero gift ideas. If you’re invited to a superhero-themed birthday party, I think that any of these would be a big hit!

  1. Personalized Superhero Boy Plate, Sarah & Abraham
  2. Superhero boy doll, Etsy
  3. Handmade Superhero Cape, Etsy
  4. Superhero Lunch Box, Frecklebox
  5. Personalized Superhero Boy Puzzle, Sarah & Abraham

Summer Camp Essentials – What to Pack for your Child

Last summer was the first time I sent my son to a sleep away summer camp. The camp provided a basic list of what to bring (clothes, shoes, sunscreen, towels, etc.), but what I found super helpful was a list of extras that a friend shared with me. She had been sending her son to a sleepover sports camp for years, and she recommended all kinds of things that I wouldn’t have thought of:

  • flashlight & backup batteries
  • desktop fan
  • extension cord & power strip
  • shower shoes
  • Frogg Toggs Cooling Towel
  • drawstring-type backpack
  • alarm clock
  • laundry bag
  • Benadryl tube

Of course, my recommendation is to put some Sarah & Abraham waterproof name labels on everything you can and send along the extras with your child (they can put them on disposable water bottles and other items that they receive while at camp).

My daughter isn’t quite ready for a sleepover summer camp yet, but when she is, we’ll know just what to pack for her.


Fire Truck Themed Gift Ideas

Know someone who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up? Or maybe he just loves anything related to firetrucks. Here’s a roundup of some cute gift ideas including a few that are personalized.

1. Fire Truck Birthday Shirt, Etsy
2. Personalized Fire Truck Plate, Sarah & Abraham
3. Fire Truck Backpack, Our Designs
4. Personalized Firefighter Place Mat, Sarah & Abraham
5. Fire Truck Lunch Box, Our Designs
6. Personalized Fire Truck Puzzle, Sarah & Abraham

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Here’s a roundup of some great teacher appreciation gifts… perfect for the end of the school year, Christmas, or anytime you want to show your kids’ teachers a little love!

1. Personalized Teacher Notepad, Sarah & Abraham

2. Pencil Pouch, Paper Source

3. Starbucks Gift Card

4. Classroom Apple Custom Stamp, Paper Source

5. Best Teacher Ever Greeting Card, Paper Source

6. Personalized Floral Bookplates, Sarah & Abraham