“Looks-Like-Me” Custom Sibling Gift Labels

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are several items that are no longer available on the website that we’re happy to make by request. One of the items that I get asked about the most often are the customizable sibling gift labels that we used to offer.  We used to offer these for two siblings (with or without check boxes) on 2″ x 2″ labels or 2″ x 4″ labels for 2-4 siblings. If you’re interested in ordering labels like these for your little ones, just shoot me an email!

Mix & Match Personalized Mealtime Sets

I’ve noticed that several customers recently have ordered one or two firetruck mealtime items along with one or two firefighter items. This is such a cute combo!

If you’d like to order a combination of plates, bowls, cups and place mats for the same child but in different designs, please feel free to order the items individually and remind me in the Additional Comments section during checkout or via email after placing your order to apply the mealtime set pricing to the items that have the same name.  I’ll adjust the total price to reflect mealtime set pricing (ex. plate + bowl: $42; plate, bowl & place mat: $55; plate, bowl, cup, place mat: $67).

The same principle applies to other designs when they’re ordered for the same child, for example, a unicorn plate and a fairy castle place mat, both with the name, “Charlotte”.

Kids + Summertime = Time for More… Chores!

When most people think of kids and summertime, they probably think of things like playing outside, riding bikes, going to the pool, and summer camps.

Those things are great, but in our family we’ve always found that summertime is a great time to ramp up our kids’ responsibilities. During the school year they’re so busy with homework and after school activities that it doesn’t leave much time for helping out around the house.

In the summer we give them additional chores and require them to spend a certain amount of time each day reading and working on new hobbies (they still have plenty of free time!)

If you’re thinking about establishing some new routines and starting some new chores this summer, it’s a great time to order customized chore charts for your kids!

Need some ideas for what chores to assign to your children? Check out this list of suggestions we put together.