Custom Kids Pillows are back!

I’m so happy to announce that our custom pillows are back! Over the years I’ve discontinued lots of products, and these were by far the most asked about and most greatly missed.

It’s great to be offering these high-quality 100% handmade items again, and it’s also so great to be able to use these fun photos again! I’ve always loved seeing pictures of little kids with their “looks-like-me” pillows. These pillows make a great (and truly unique!) gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Charlotte and Maxwell over the years

I recently showed my sister, Kim, some photos that Carrie Davis took of her son, Maxwell, with my new lunch boxes and chevron plates and bowls (above). The name “Maxwell” was familiar to Kim, but he looked so big she didn’t think it could possibly be the same Maxwell who was featured in one of our favorite plate photos from two years ago (the one on the left above). I thought the same thing when I originally opened these images – how is it possible that the time has flown by so quickly?!

I was equally struck by this photo of Charlotte holding a lunch box . It just doesn’t seem possible that the plate photo on the left is from just three years earlier.

It’s been so much fun to see Charlotte and Maxwell in so many product photos on my website over the past few years. They’re such great models, and I’m so very appreciative of them and their mom!

Personalized Name Banner for a Child’s Bedroom: Two Names

A customer recently ordered a personalized name banner with two names and a heart in the middle. I love how it turned out, so I decided to take a photo before shipping it. I tossed all of the stuffed animals and throw pillows off of my daughter’s bed, took down her name banner, and taped up the new banner. The pinks in the banner fit perfectly in my daughter’s bedroom.

As I was editing the photo I thought about how funny it was that the other side of the room, not seen in the photo, was a complete disaster and a total contrast to the serenity in the photo. So I thought it might be fun to take a photo of that as well and share a behind-the-scenes photo of the other side, a.k.a. what you don’t see in product photos…

Coming Soon… Personalized Name Banners

I’m not usually one for sneak peeks, but this photo by Carrie Davis (who’s photographing a couple of sample banners for me) was too cute not to share! These personalized name banners have been in the works for the past couple of months, and I’m getting close to being able to offer them soon, but there are still a few more details to be worked out.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of this product!

I think they make a great party decoration, but they’re also something you can display in your child’s bedroom or playroom all year round. My daughter, Emma, can’t wait until I’m done photographing her banner so we can hang it in her room. More photos and details coming soon…

New! Party Favor Tags

For several months now I’ve been planning to add party favor tags to my website. It’s one of those things that gets bumped down to the bottom of my to-do list whenever things get too busy. But yesterday when I was out with my kids we found some really cute frosted sugar cookies, and I thought, let’s buy some for party favor tag photos.

We also stopped at an old-fashioned candy store and found lots of other yummy treats great for photographing, so I decided to update my party favor sticker photos as well.

I hadn’t planned on eating any of these things when we bought them (I figured my kids and their friends would enjoy them over the next few days), but after spending a couple of hours editing these photos, I could no longer resist!