reptile-themed kids birthday party invitations

Every time Meg sends me a custom illustration to print I’m excited to see what she has come up with. Most recently it was another reptile-themed birthday party invitation with coordinating return address labels and party favor stickers featuring a friendly snake, frog, and fly – perfectly setting the stage for a fun children’s party where the kids get to hold live reptiles and other fun animals. So cute!

Camden’s Cookies and Milk Birthday Party

My friend, Heather, recently contacted me to see if I could add a little sister to my olliegraphic chef invitations and the bunting from my ballerina invitations. I love how they turned out, and it was so much fun to see pictures from the party on Heather’s blog this morning.
As you can see, Heather has completely outdone herself once again!
For even more pictures and all the details, check out the full post at Heather’s blog.
Photos by Mel Larson.

custom birthday party invitations: magic party and fireman party

Meg at olliegraphic recently designed these cute custom invitations for a magic-themed birthday party and a fire station birthday party. I love how they both turned out! You can view more examples of Meg’s custom work here.

If you’d like to commission Meg to create a custom illustration for you, you can then have it printed on any of the products that I offer through the custom section on my website. Please feel free to contact Meg or contact me with any questions!

invites for a Build-A-Bear Workshop birthday party

Meg at olliegraphic recently designed these super cute custom invitations for a sibling birthday party… I think they’re perfect for a Build-A-Bear Workshop birthday party!

Meg also created custom invites for Campbell & Charlie’s reptile-themed birthday party last year (featured here on Oh My! Handmade Goodness).

These are two of my favorite custom invitations. You can view more examples of Meg’s custom work here. Isn’t she talented?!

If you’d like to commission Meg to create a custom illustration for you, you can then have it printed on any of the products that I offer through the custom section on my website. Please feel free to contact Meg or contact me with any questions!

a creative use for bookplates

Last year I received an order from event planner Brittany Egbert of One Charming Party for silhouette invitations and a coordinating set of bookplates, each with different text.

I don’t know how I missed these gorgeous photos when Brittany published them in a post about the pink themed first birthday party that she planned, but when I came across them recently I figured it would be better late than never to share them. What a clever idea!

personalized cupcake toppers for kids birthday parties and baby showers

I just added another new item to my website… cupcake topper kits! I’m so happy with how they turned out!
I really struggled for a while to figure out the best way to make these – I had a complete mental block! Luckily my friend Stacy at Ink Spot Workshop was kind enough to answer all my questions and help me figure out the best way to assemble them.
This was definitely my kids’ favorite photo shoot! They really enjoyed “helping” (licking spoons, spatulas, bowls, etc.). And they were especially happy when I had all the pictures I needed and they could finally eat the cupcakes and deliver the extras to neighbors!The toppers are easy but time consuming to assemble, so to keep the price down I decided to offer them as a kit. When placing your order you can pick which design(s), color(s) and text you’d like. The kit includes 2″ card stock circles (with a solid or scalloped border), 1.5″ circle stickers printed with the design(s) you choose, and 4.25″ white lollipop sticks.

how to apply edible icing decals on cupcakes or cookies

UPDATE: I’m no longer offering icing decals. I’m now offering cupcake toppers instead.

Bake and cool cupcakes and/or 3″ circle cookies (sugar cookies or shortbread cookies work great!) Remove your icing decals from the package they arrived in.
If your cupcakes have a rounded top, cut the top off so you have a flat surface.

Apply a generous amount of frosting and smooth it to a flat surface. Any type of soft frosting works well (ex. buttercream, royal icing, or store-bought whipped frosting).
Cookies don’t require as much frosting – you can apply a thin, smooth layer.
With clean, dry hands, gently peel the icing decal from the backing sheet.Place the decal on top of the frosting.
Gently pat it down, smoothing the decal from the center outwards.
Ta da!
If you’d like, you can also add sprinkles or frosting decorations around the edges to finish.

Batman-themed birthday party

When Heather asked me to create some invitations for a Batman-themed birthday party, I knew it would be another one of her amazing parties, but she has truly outdone herself once again! (Starting with the bat wings she added to the invites!)
A menu consisting of Penguin’s Party Dip, Catwoman Claws, Mr. Freeze’s Fruit, Robin’s Raw Veggies, Poison Ivy Pasta, Two-Faced Pizza and Joker Juice.
Party favors were personalized bat capes (glittered and ruffled up for the batgirls).
She filled little Batman buckets (by Haus of Girls) with goodies for game prizes.
There was a “batmobile” at the party, and the games included Pin the Tail on the Bat, The Joker’s Hidden Treasure Hunt, and Mr. Freeze Dance. Seriously?! Who knew that a Batman-themed birthday party could be so completely creative, crafty and cute?

cowboy-themed baby shower

A few weeks ago I posted about the super cute invitations that one of my favorite customers, Heather, made by sewing fabric buggies onto some plain invites I printed for her. Today she posted pictures from the shower, including these sarah + abraham party favor stickers.

If you’re planning on throwing a baby shower any time soon, even if it’s not cowboy-themed, be sure to check out Heather’s post – it’s truly inspiring!

baby shower invites with fabric buggies

Last week Heather (who I’ve previously mentioned for her Hawaiian Luau, Horton Hears a Who party and bug-themed party) asked me to print some baby shower invitations with enough blank space for her to sew on fabric buggies… I LOVE how they turned out! Seeing these totally makes me want to start offering stationery items with fabric details, but I already have too much on my plate and really need to stay focused. But maybe it’s something to think about for next year.