custom illustrations

Working on the custom thank you notes that I shared yesterday reminded me how of much I love working with Meg at Olliegraphic.

If you need something completely custom, unlike any of the illustrations that I currently offer, she’s happy to create just about anything and send the file to me so that I can print it on any of the products that I offer.

I always love opening up these files and seeing what she has come up with!

custom thank you notes

A customer recently sent me the above photo (on the left) asking if I could create something like that for her kids.

I LOVED this idea and had so much fun turning her drawing into a super cute thank you note!

If you’d like cards like these, or if you have any other ideas for something you’d like to order that’s similar to what we currently offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

New Design: Mermaids!

Mermaid designs are in the shop! They’re completely customizable, so you can pick the hair style, hair color, skin tone, eye shape, and eye color for your little girl. We’re starting out by offering mermaids on all mealtime items (plates, bowls, cups, and placemats) as well as our personalized puzzles.

What I love about these mermaid designs is that they’re sweet and playful – making a perfect gift for little girls!

New Personalized Plate Designs: Police Car, Farm Animals + Sea Animals

I recently added some new mealtime sets (including personalized plates, cups, and place mats) to the shop featuring a police car, farm animals (cow, horse, and chickens), and sea animals (whale, turtle, and fish).

I used a more vibrant color scheme for these than I normally do, but I think the colors fit nicely with the playful, smiling animals, and they’re especially great designs for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Great Outdoors… New Personalized Art Prints and Dishes

I just added some super cute birth announcement art prints to the shop. They can be customized with a baby’s name and up to 3 additional lines of text for things like birth date, time, weight, and length. So cute for decorating any nursery!

I love this design so much, I decided to use it on mealtime sets as well…

I’m calling this design Great Outdoors, and it’s available on plates, bowls, cups, and place mats.  I just love how these turned out!