Personalized Kids Place Mat

I love seeing kids enjoying their Sarah + Abraham personalized place mats! Please be sure to use #sarahandabraham when sharing on social media.

This photo was captioned as follows: “Always multitasking in this house. We used our awesome Madeline placemat from @sarahandabraham to catch the inevitable flying food as she cooked, and of course she insisted on using her Maddie Cup from them during dinner. We seriously adore this whole set and use it all the time!”

Photo credit: Alexis Lampley

show us your sarah + abraham!

Hello! I’m back! I apologize that it’s been so long. First of all I want to say a big thank you to anyone who has continued to check in to see if I’d ever come back – thank you for your patience and continued interest in sarah + abraham!

Oh My! Handmade Goodness has been much more time consuming than I expected – usually about 5-10 hours per week – but also extremely rewarding. I get really excited about every single post, and every time I get one ready to publish, I eagerly anticipate being able to share it and see what feedback we’ll get.

I’m continually amazed at the quality of content that all of the contributors have been providing and the generous items that have been offered for giveaways. I’m really happy to see that the number of comments we’re receiving and our number of Facebook fans have been steadily increasing… I feel like my vision of a community is really coming together.

But with all that being said, I also miss this blog and the community that we were building here. My plan is to start posting here at least once a week – hopefully more.

I’ve had several new projects on my mind. The first one that I want to share is something I’m going to call “show us your sarah + abraham”. Every once in a while a customer will email me a photo of a sarah + abraham product “in action”. I’ve shared several of them here – for example, invitations that Heather Mattos has embellished or party favor stickers on a bunch of goodies. I’ve also added some to the product pages on my website, like the framed 8×10 prints below.

But I’ve never asked for this type of photo or put them all together in one place. So I’m thinking about creating a Flickr account and/or a photo gallery on my website where I can put these photos together in one place. And that’s where you come in… if you have any photos (or if you can take any photos) of any sarah + abraham products “in action”… please send them my way!

Above photo courtesy of Sarah Swartzentruber at Jack and Izzy.

Above three photos courtesy of Holly Mathis at Holly Mathis Interiors.

nurseries featuring sarah + abraham personalized art prints

Another one of my super talented and creative customers, Holly of Holly Mathis Interiors, recently shared some pictures of two gorgeous nurseries that she decorated, one for a client (above), and one for her new baby boy (below).
Even if these nurseries didn’t include sarah + abraham prints they would still be fun to look at, but seeing those above the cribs is such a treat for me!

on the road

Caroline of Little Cupcakes Company had an idea a couple of weeks ago to display Sarah & Abraham products alongside her children’s clothing line at a home show she attended. Not only did she pass along a couple of orders, but she also shared this great picture with me:
It’s so interesting to see a nice little display of my products like this set up by someone else!