personalized plates for kids

This is another one of the photos that my daughter took over the weekend. I gave her a bunch of sample plates and told her I needed her to take as many photos as possible, but she’s much more interested in taking her time and getting everything just right. I think she may have even reheated this leftover taco meat before she took the photo!

behind the scenes

My daughter was 2-years-old when I started sarah + abraham, working during nap times and late at night when the kids were in bed. Now it’s 11 years later, and she loves helping me out with product photography and designing new products (and she’s much better at both of those things than I am)!

personalized canvas tote bag

I took this photo of my daughter getting on a school bus a few years ago. It was actually a shuttle bus for a local festival that we just happened to come across while photographing my new tote bags. There was no one around, so she pretended to be getting on the bus for some “back to school” photos.

I love looking back on photos of my kids modeling Sarah + Abraham products over the years!