Thank you!

I affix a “thank you” label to every in-house order that I ship (when they’re not gifts going directly to a gift recipient), and I often find myself thinking, I hope this person knows that I really MEAN it! I rarely ever get to talk to customers by phone or meet them in person, so one of the things that I miss out on is personally expressing my gratitude.

Over the past 10 years the customers who shop at sarah + abraham have allowed me to earn income while staying at home with my children, and I’m truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Special Requests are Always Welcome!

From time to time we get requests for products that aren’t available on the website anymore.

There are some items that, unfortunately, we can no longer offer (ex. water bottles, lunch boxes, pillows, and banners).

But there are LOTS of items that we’re happy to print upon request!  For example:

  • sibling notepads
  • sibling note cards
  • mommy calling cards
  • invitations
  • birth announcements

We’re always happy to accommodate these requests!  Just shoot us an email to let us know what you’d like.

Also, we love special requests!  For example, we’re happy to add glasses or freckles to an illustration, use a different font, or put cursive handwriting practice on the back side of a place mat instead of print handwriting. Just email us to let us know what you have in mind!

S’mores Valentine’s Day Treats

I’m so happy with how my daughter’s Valentine’s Day treats turned out and how easy it was! After looking at Pinterest together for ideas, she wanted to make S’mores cookie bars, but then I remembered that Trader Joe’s has something called Smashing S’mores, and luckily she was just as excited about using those!

I made some personalized labels for her to put on cellophane bags, and we put two S’mores inside each bag. We had tried one plain before packaging them up, and then when we were done we tried microwaving them for 6 seconds like the package suggested… holy cow, that took it to a whole other level! So I made some labels for the back, too, to let everyone know to microwave them.

I’d already been thinking about offering treat bags with my Valentine’s Day gift labels next year, but now I’m excited about making some “themed” labels like these to go with specific treats. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Lots of New Products Coming Soon!

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but last month I attended my very FIRST trade show since starting sarah + abraham seven years ago! After waffling back and forth about whether or not to attend, I finally decided to go for it, and I’m SO GLAD I DID!

I ended up investing in some serious new equipment that will enable me to start making a whole bunch of new products in house. This is something I’ve really struggled with over the past few years. Part of me wants to outsource everything and keep things really simple, but the other part of me wants more control over quality and when orders are shipped.

The trade show was 3 hours away, and, amazingly, I met a vendor that’s located only about six miles from my house! They’ve been super helpful setting up the equipment for me, and they provided a full day of training on how to use everything. We also make regular trips to their storefront to ask questions and pick up new materials to try out.

I’ve always just used the internet for equipment and supply research in the past, so it’s been amazing to see how much more efficient and helpful it is to talk to people in person and show them what I’m having trouble with.

I was pretty overwhelmed when I first started using the new equipment, and the past few weeks have been full of frustration, but I feel like we’ve finally turned a corner. We have the materials and processes all figured out for a bunch of new products that I’m super excited about. I really love how the samples are turning out!

I wish I could share everything with you right now, but there’s still a lot more work to do with setting up templates, product photography, product descriptions, etc. I do have two new products that I’ll be launching later this week, and then after that I hope to launch a couple of new products each month for the next few months.

As I begin sharing these new products, I’d REALLY appreciate your feedback, especially any suggestions for similar products that you’d like to see me offer.