I feel so loved!

When I first started selling on Etsy last October I was constantly checking to see who “hearted me”. It was such a thrill to watch that number go up, and I spent a lot of time looking at the profiles and shops of the people who hearted me (something I had time for back then because I had so few sales!)

I just realized today that for the past few months I’ve forgotten all about hearts, so I took a peek this afternoon… and 2,001 people heart me!

So I sent a message to the 2,000th person who hearted me, letting her know that I’d like to send her a free gift. And then I realized that what I’d like to do for my 1,000th sale is just play it by ear. There will definitely be some sort of refund/free shipping/free gift or some combination of those things, but I’m just going to wait to see what the order is and figure it out then.

But I will take trammie81’s suggestion and offer FREE SHIPPING (free in the US, discounted for international orders) to my blog readers between now and my 1,000th item sold (I’m currently 18 items away!) Just mention this offer when you place your order, and I’ll send you a refund through PayPal for the shipping charges. And thank you again for the comments & emails – I really appreciate it!

UPDATE: I’ve reached 1,000 sales and the free shipping offer has ended. But please let me know how you found my shop, and I’ll include a free gift with your order!