Thank You & Free Shipping Offer

I’ve been so amazed and grateful for the response to my last post. I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions – thank you so much!

I’ve been working on creating an 8×10 print for each letter of the alphabet, and finally finished this evening. I’ve posted them in my Etsy shop with scalloped borders, and now I’m going to start working on a set with straight borders and then the numbers 1-10.
I also have lots of other ideas that I’m excited to start working on – a framed, square version of these and some greeting cards in this style.

I really like these! And what’s so interesting to me is how this whole product line came about… a friend of mine, Megan, who has a great blog that I didn’t even know about until last week, posted about my shop. Several of her readers visited my blog including the woman behind Today’s Creative Blog. When I was featured on Today’s Creative Blog I got hundreds of new visitors and lots of great comments.

A woman named Jennifer asked if I could do the silhouette designs that I had just started doing on notecards in an 8×10 version with a rectangular scalloped border. I posted them here so she could see them before ordering, and I ended up with lots of great feedback including a suggestion to include letters and numbers from another woman named Jennifer. And a woman named Sara had a great idea for “flashcard style” personalized notecards which got me thinking about other flashcard-style greeting cards like Tt for Thank you and Hh for Happy birthday.

Anyway, the point of this LONG post is just that I’ve been so amazed by the huge outpouring of support and helpful suggestions from people I didn’t even know a few days ago! It’s really given me a much needed boost of energy and enthusiasm for creating some great new products… so, again, thank you.

I wish I could send a free item to everyone who’s been visiting my blog and posting comments (and reading this far!), but since I can’t do that, how about FREE SHIPPING (within the U.S.) on any orders between now and Valentine’s Day? Just mention this offer in the “Comments To Seller” section when you check out, and keep those comments coming!

* International orders will receive reduced shipping (you’ll only need to pay the difference between US shipping and international shipping).