personalized Christmas plates for kids

Personalized Christmas plates are available on our website! Now is the best time to order mealtime items to ensure delivery before Christmas. Production normally takes about 5 business days, and shipping normally takes 2-3 days, but this time of year shipping tends to take a little longer, and you’ll want to make sure your items arrive in plenty of time just in case there are any problems and an item needs to be remade.

personalized plates for kids

This is another one of the photos that my daughter took over the weekend. I gave her a bunch of sample plates and told her I needed her to take as many photos as possible, but she’s much more interested in taking her time and getting everything just right. I think she may have even reheated this leftover taco meat before she took the photo!

personalized unicorn plate

I’m serving up some copycat Starbucks egg bites on Emma’s personalized unicorn plate this morning! I’ve been resisting the Instant Pot for so long, but two things pushed me to finally give it a try: 1) after having egg bites at Starbucks I searched for a copycat recipe, and most of them called for an Instant Pot, and 2) my favorite cookbook author, Megan Gilmore, came out with an Instant Pot cookbook.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been making egg bites about every other day, and my whole family LOVES them! They’re super easy to make and even easier to pop in the microwave for breakfast or later in the day for a quick snack.